About us

The Szabo & Associate Interior Design Ltd. has more than 20 years of history and it is a recognized company.

What services can we offer you?

Completing finishig works: painting and wallpapering Energy reconstruction: insulation General construction Historic renovation Interior design and implementation

Who can use our services?

All interested ones are welcome respectfully. You too. Among our customers you can find:

  • Construction companies
  • Large companies of Hungary
  • Public institutions, local governments
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Individuals

Human resources

Thanks to our nearly 70 employees and 200 trustworthy subcontractors the works we can accept whatever size construction from the individuals’ lower volume plans up to the big projects. From the masonry and paintings till the interior works and final touch.

About us

Our Philosophy

Quality, reliability, expertise

We can give you a complex solution keeping all tasks in one hand. You should not worry about how to organize the subcontractors and experts. You will have enough time to accomplish your creative ideas, buildings, construction and interior of your dream.

Quality: Quality is our priority since your satisfaction is the success of our work. Exclusive painting of hotel rooms, wallpapering, decorative painting of pool areas, decorative facade painting, and high quality family houses inside and outside design can be found in our reference works. We use only high quality products from domestic and international manufacturers.

Reliability: We are at your disposal to a routine technical project or to a renovation requiring modern technology or special expertise. Strictly comply with the technological, professional regulations and standards. With our modern machines we can help you to perform fast, precise and efficient work. With interior activities we can also help to achieve your ideas.

Expertise: We are on the market for two decades with a stabile foundation, professional experiences and reference works. We improve our employees’ technical knowledge and train them regularly. The work of our partners and the work we do guaranteed by us. We serve you with our knowledge for the trust you have given to our company.

We believe that our philosophy is correct. In the course of our operations we won professional awards showing us that we are on the right way. The two Construction Industry Awards and a Prima Award are our greatest pride. In addition we got the County Prima Award, Maecenas of the Year Award, the County Service Award and the acknowledgement for Municipal activities.

Our Philosophy

Our past and present

Our past and present At the beginning the Szabo & Associate Interior Design Ltd painting and wallpapering works were given mainly for residential customers. Due to the conscious development and precise work of our company step by step the residential customer works replaced by public institutions, businesses and construction industry-leading domestic and international companies’ orders. As a result due to the development now not just from our region but from all over the country we receive orders.

In addition to painting and wallpapering works the Szabó & Co. Interior Design LTD. for more than 10 years make external facade insulation, complex energy saving reconstructions on panel houses, on condominiums homes and residential homes alike. In response to customers' needs we participate in nearly 8 years of general construction works. We provide a complete construction service to our partners with our subcontractors.

We are pleased to take part in the renovation of our country's architectural heritage, renovation of historic buildings. In recognition of our responsible work we appreciate that we can save centuries-old buildings for our grandchildren.

Our company accept foreign orders during the past few years. Primarily in Austria finishing skilled work is carried out but some Slovak, Czech and Romanian building is also "bears our traces”.

Our past and present

At your service

In line with our philosophy it is essential that we provide you a quality, fast, precise and professional work. We are at your disposal with competent and responsible employees, subcontractors and modern, efficient machines as well.

We know that construction work goes along a lot of problems, involves time-consuming task and requires careful planning. We believe that our professional experience we'll help you to solve these problems together.

We are proud of our achievements so far, but still the biggest success for us is to celebrate the completed work with you. Your joy is the recognition of our activities.

Thank you for honouring our company by visiting our website. We are confident that our company history and professional expertise, technology and technical equipment plus the references are a proof for you and we can welcome you among our customers soon!

If you need further information, please contact us. We gladly help you in answering technical questions. Of course, if you already have a concrete idea, please ask us for a quote.

Sincerely Yours,

Szabó Gyula
Managing Director

At your service